"I never consider a written work complete until Anne has gone over it for corrections, recommendations, and details. Her editing is of the finest caliber, and she is a pleasure to collaborate with. And, she only needs to do it once. I cannot recommend her too highly if you are reaching for professional standards in your own writing."

Allan Leslie Combs, Ph.D., Professor Transformative Studies, CIIS; President, 4-Rios Institute.

"Anne is more than an editor, she is a holder of the soul of ones work."

Megan B., PhDc.

"Working with Anne makes writing an absolutely magical experience! Her wise support and expert level skillset helped me navigate my writing process in an embodied and meaningful way. She is patient, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. Additionally, her customer service is top-notch. I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her work. "

Laura B., PhD student

"Anne was meticulous in reviewing (my work). I felt completely supported by her positive comments as well as her challenges."

JM, PhDc

"She was knowledgeable, supportive, engaging, encouraging, and fun to work with."

Tina M., AMFT

"Anne is a wonderful editor. She is meticulous, respectful, and didactic."

Adriana P., PhD

"Anne served as a writing coach and mentor for several years of master students in our Counseling Psychology program. She was uniquely skilled at teaching rigorous and accurate graduate school-level writing and allowing the students to own their creativity and innovative thoughts. This was a much needed combination in and Anne delivered each semester."

Steven Tierney EdD, LPCC, Professor Emeritus, CIIS