What I Do

During Workshops:

  • I will establish and provide a safe, sacred container in which to do this work – whether in groups or one-on-one.
  • I am your trauma-informed guide and companion as your inner terrain is navigated and explored, searching out old beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • I follow your lead, going at your pace as we investigate these inner nooks and crannies.
  • Provide resources – and time for their practice – for your inner, somatic travels such as grounding and breath/pranayama exercises that you can then do at home, any time.

I Will:

  • Be Ally and Doula in your writing process; supporting all levels and stages from brainstorming to the final edit; pay close and mindful attention to what is happening in each moment, so that we consciously co-create a project in which your true voice is heard.
  • Be your Detailed/Academic/Professional Editor – term papers, thesis, proposals, dissertations, journal articles, books, blogs, newsletters, résumés and CVs, and web content; APA, Table of Contents, List of Figures, and reference/intext citation check, and other formatting requirements. I give succinct and detailed feedback on the document itself with Word’s Track Changes and Comments features.
  • Be your Second Pair of Eyes or Proofreader – I’ll briefly look over your work and give a brief review, in narrative form, on a separate document. The review could encompass elements such as cohesiveness, consistency in names, places, and/or spelling; and other issues that might show up along the way. The narrative feedback points to the issues but does not correct them.
  • Give you tools and modalities that you can use on your own such as
    • best practices of writing in general—the nuts and bolts
    • provide resources for you to utilize, such as APA trusted websites, handouts on best practices, how to’s
    • breathing techniques/pranayama
    • somatic movements—moving the body
    • how to slow down and deeply get into your body by focusing your attention, mindfully, on and in your body
    • tips for creating a writing ritual that sets the mood for writing – super helpful for procrastination; to tap into your creativity and imagination as you free-write; and ways in which to keep the viscous voices inside our heads at bay